The Adirondacks: A Picture-Perfect Adventure

winter sceneVisiting the Adirondacks any time of year can lend itself to some beautiful landscape photography. But, if you left the house without your camera, no worries. You can take some great landscape photos with your phone camera! In this article, we’ll share some simple tips on how you can make the most of your mobile phone’s camera during your Adirondack adventure.

6 Tips for Great Landscape Photos Using Your Phone

  1. Zoom Later: While it’s tempting to zoom in on your subject with your phone, your best bet is to shoot the image first, and then zoom in on the photo while you’re editing. Zooming in while you shoot diminishes the detail in the photo.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of Overcast Days: Professional photographers know that overcast days are often the best days to take beautiful landscape photos. Clouds diffuse the light, so it’s much softer in your images, and there is no sun glare which can make photos look overexposed.
  3. Take Advantage of the Golden Hour: About half an hour before and after sunrise is the best time to shoot landscape photos. The colors of the sky are often more interesting, there is a warm glow to the atmosphere, and there are often beautiful shadows at this time.
  4. Use Your Grid Setting: Some camera phones feature a grid setting, which allows you to ensure that your photo is not off-balance. If your photo still looks crooked, you can often straighten your image using your editing software.
  5. Keep the Flash Off: In low light, people often turn on the flash, but that can produce an overly lit foreground and leave the subject in the shadows. Older smartphones might not take great pictures in low light, but newer ones are better at balancing the light levels.
  6. Take Horizontal Shots: When you shoot landscape images horizontally, it’s easier to get more of the image in the shot, and often the image is more balanced. Also, this can allow for easier photo editing, as you have more room to zoom in on the subject.

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