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Speculator Department Store’s Home Décor & Housewares section has become a truly remarkable attraction for visitors. Come explore the diverse selection of unique items and must-haves you may not find anywhere else!

Speculator Department Store houseware gift display

Housewares, Home Decorations, and Souvenirs From the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks has a style that celebrates the rustic and homey world where the woods and mountains are everywhere. We carry a variety of tableware, linens, glassware, flatware, candlesticks, pottery, home décor, pillows, lamps, mirrors, rugs, throws, curtains, and candles that reflect the unique character of living with the beauty of nature around every corner. You’ll get a real feel for this when you enter the front of our store. Your senses will be stimulated with literally thousands of items to examine and consider for your camp or for back home. We select stock that is artistically designed with the Adirondack flair, including wildlife and local tree themed objects that have a rustic or seasonal style. We think you’ll love the selection that we’ve curated.

Speculator Department Store winter themed gift displaySpeculator Department Store houseware gift display

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