Lighten Up Your Home this Summer With these 5 Decorating Tips

Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to lighten up! The days are brighter and sunnier, and life is a little easier, now that there isn’t snow to shovel or leaves to rake. If you haven’t already, you might be thinking about how you can extend some of that cheerful summer weather into your home. Making your home a summertime haven doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. A few changes here and there will get your house out of the doldrums in a matter of minutes. Here are five easy ways you can spruce up your summer décor without spending a lot of time or money.

Out with the old. First and foremost, you’ll want to rid your living spaces of those reminders of winter. Any pieces that are winter or fall themed, or are dark and heavy, should be stored away for the winter months. Exchange fleecy throws for light cotton ones in bright hues, and put away throw pillows that are heavier, dark color damasks in exchange for linen pillows in fun colors and patterns.

Cool down your dining area. In the fall and winter months, we want our tables to exude the warmth of family and home. Once the warmer weather rolls around, though, our table should denote a more light-hearted, easygoing experience. Add some colorful accent pieces in bolder shades, and consider adding in dinnerware that shouts summertime, like tropical floral or seascape patterns.

A change of art. Sometimes, our walls can get a little downtrodden, especially when the winter months drag on and on. One way you can give your home an instant, brightening facelift is by changing up some of your wall art. Look for bright artwork in pretty patterns, botanicals or colorful flora and fauna. Feeling creative? Grab some paints and canvas, and create some of your own summer art! Make it a family project for extra fun.

Back to the garden. You can find some amazing decorating inspiration just by looking at the flowers in your garden or taking a walk along a country road and studying the area’s wildflowers. Look at the colors and use them in your home – for instance, add some placemats in a perfect lavender hue, or some sunflower-yellow or sweet pea-pink napkins. Display floral bouquets in green glass Mason jars for a charming touch.

Good scents. Just like pumpkin hints at fall, evergreen speaks winter, and lilac whispers spring; there are also scents that bring the summer months into your home. Scents that are based on summer fruits like berries and melon are always popular, and crisp, watery, oceanic scents can take you right to the beach. Add candles, tarts and oils in these scents around your home for an outdoor summer experience right in your own living space.

These simple changes will help you bring the summer months from the outdoors into your home, affordably. You can find housewares and home décor that can help you beautify your home – and stay within your budget – at the Speculator Dept. Store. We carry tableware, wall art, candles and home scents, and much more. Come visit us today, and we’ll help you transform your home into a sweet slice of summer in no time!

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