Looking for a Unique Gift for Mom? Here are Seven Ideas She’ll Love.

dv1953025When you think of Mother’s Day gift giving, flowers and candies often come to mind. It’s true that most moms out there love both of those things, but if you’re looking for a truly unique gift for your mother this year, you might want to stop into the Speculator Dept. Store and see what we have to offer. We have many different items that are sure to please a variety of different tastes and styles. We’ve compiled seven different gift ideas for you, featuring items that are readily available at our store.

  • The Gourmet: Does your mom love to create new dishes and serve her guests delicious treats? Then why not pick up some of our gourmet mixes, sauces and condiments? We offer locally produced maple syrup, salad dressings, mustards, dips and more; not to mention stoneware for perfect baked goods every time.
  • The Romantic: If you can imagine your mother walking down the street in Paris in the springtime, with blossoms in her hair, then you might want to consider giving her a gift that’s as romantic as she is. We offer beautiful, flowing scarves in a vast array of colors that are perfect for this type of mom.
  • The Fashionista: Is your mom always color coordinated with her finger on the pulse of the latest fashion? Then you’ll want to check out our jewelry and accessory collection. Purses, necklaces, scarves, earrings, jewelry, shoes and even timeless Pendleton clothing – we have everything the fashionable mom would love.
  • The Entertainer: Your mother has always enjoyed entertaining and never fails to break out the good plates, cups and dishes whenever she has people over to visit. She’d love the gift of tableware from Speculator Dept. Store. We have a variety of styles to suit personal tastes, from full place settings to serving dishes and more.
  • The Decorator: From her taste in wall art, right down to the napkins she uses on the table, your mom has always loved making her home a showpiece. She brings her own sense of style and flair to every room in the home – why not give her a gift of art, pottery or sculpture, along with candles to accentuate every room?
  • The Outdoorswoman: Maybe your mom is most at home when she isn’t at home, but when she’s hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing or cross-country skiing. If this sounds like your mother, you’ll want to check out our Columbia collection. Clothing, outerwear, accessories and more are perfect for the active, outdoorsy mom.
  • The Comedienne: If your mom is the life of the party and always makes everyone laugh, she’ll probably appreciate a gift that shows you’ve inherited her sense of humor. From witty wall hangings to message mugs to our Grumpy Cat collection, we have some fantastic gift ideas for the mom who never fails to crack you up.

As you can see, no matter what type of mom you have, Speculator Dept. Store has the gifts you need to make her feel special this Mother’s Day. Stop in and let us help you pick out a memorable gift for your mother!

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